Thursday, June 07, 2012

800 Toll-Free Numbers: Things You Need To Know

800 Toll-Free Numbers
800 toll-free numbers have proven to be very effective tool in increasing business sales. And unlike most perception, maintaining toll free numbers are that complicated. With many 800 number carriers now available, the competition had become stiff and that each carrier has something great to offer. With this article, we will provide you some thoughts as to how you shall decide on getting toll free number for your company.

Instate and Interstate
If you are only doing business within your state, you might just want to have the instate toll free number. However, if you want to expand your business and cover your neighboring states, if not all of the states, then having the interstate toll free numbers is for you. Rates differ on those two types of 800 toll free numbers. However, some toll free number carriers can offer you flat rates for both.

Calls From Payphones
Receiving toll free calls from prospective clients who are using payphones will cost you an extra. When customers call from payphone, the payphone company will charge the call and bill your toll free carrier who will then passed the charges to you. For this matter, it will be on your discretion whether to allow calls from payphones or have your toll free account payphone-blocked.

Giant carriers or resellers
In business, the name always matter. This is why many of us would get the services from those giant established companies. However, these companies’ services come now with a heavy price. In the toll free industry, you can find carriers that are resellers who can offer you lower rates but the services might not be at par with those giant carriers.

Six-seconder versus minute billing
When you get a 1800 number, you can choose as to how you would be billed by your carriers. If you are expecting short calls, you may be able to save if you will be charged on a six-second basis. However, if you are anticipating calls that are longer, minute rounding may be your best option. Inquire on particular toll free companies about their rates and choose what's best for your business.
800 numbers for businesses
Like any other transactions it is best that you double check on your term agreement with your 800 toll free number provider. You must understand each provision, the fees you will have to pay, the rate lock-in periods, billing options and other important clauses. Maintaining toll free numbers is not complicated at all – your provider will be with you all the way. What is difficult is the task of finding the best toll free carrier for your business.


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