Friday, June 22, 2012

Auto Insurance In Corpus Christi, Texas

Auto Insurance In Texas

Since Corpus Christi is the 8th largest city in Texas it is not susceptible to any uninsured vehicle owners driving the highways that are home to the teeming motorways and expressways dozed with traffic most of the time from day to day. With this kind of streets, considering not the risks of accidents is unwise especially with the city’s statistics of reported vehicular accidents by the Department of Transportation of the city in the year 2010.

* There were 7,815 reported car accidents
* 5,087 of 7815 accidents caused property damage.
* 2,705 of 7815 accidents resulted in injuries.
* 23 of 7815 accidents resulted in fatalities.
* There were 872 stolen vehicles reported in the city of Corpus Christi

In every city of the state all laws of the Department of Transportation is implemented and the city is not exempted to these laws but are actually to enforce them to every citizen who owns an automobile. Every car owner of the place is obliged to drive with auto liability coverage or cheap car insurance in Texas to pay for bodily injury or property damage met in an accident. It is also required that the insurance be personal and is always carried by the owner in case inspection of an officer along the road happens and will be.

In acquiring insurance in the city if you just moved in you must meet the requirements carefully observed to be mandatory for every vehicle driver. One must know that the law requires a minimum coverage of 30/60/25 although presently (2011) it has been modified to minimum liability limits of $30,000 for one injured person, going up to a total of $60,000 for all injuries per accident, and $25,000 for property damage occurred after an accident. This is the minimum policy and proof of financial responsibility you need to carry with your vehicle in all areas of Texas, so that in the event of an accident proven to be your fault, the cost of damages is paid by your policy.

The state of Texas strictly enforces the “no tolerance policy” for uninsured drivers therefore it is a must to obtain an automobile insurance before you drive the Highways of Corpus Christi. Penalties and fines will be issued to anyone caught without neither authorized nor valid auto insurance as a proof of responsibility and worst case scenario might be ending up in jail or getting your car confiscated or towed.

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