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Car Buying Guide & Full Coverage Car Insurance: Cost and Factors

Full Coverage Car Insurance
Driver or not, it’s quite essential to know some factors that affect the cost of full coverage car insurance and list them in your car buying guide. When you want to buy a car you don’t only need to think of that car’s price but as well as how much would it cost you for it to have full coverage car insurance. Rates are not constant and the cost of the insurance premium you will have to pay will be determined by a number of factors which are the following:

Car Type
Considered as the decisive factor in calculating your insurance rate is the type of car that you want to insure. Cars with higher horsepower (either gas-powered or cars with diesel engines ) will evidently have higher full coverage car insurance rates compared to a family sedan. Car types and models whose history has lesser accident rates and theft will most likely have lower insurance premiums.

Car Safety and Security Features
Vehicles that have sufficient safety and security features installed will have lower full coverage car insurance cost. Features such as anti-theft system, anti-lock brakes, and airbags will give you lower rates. Additional features especially those expensive ones like having the hybrid technology, four-wheel drive, chrome finishing and GPS systems will result to higher premiums for reasons that these features attract thieves and its repair cost is way expensive.

Car’s Age
According to our car buying guide, old cars usually do not have better safety features compared to new cars. And if old cars break down the repair cost is usually higher. For this reason, insurance company may charge older cars for higher full coverage car insurance rates.

Your Age and Driving Record
Consider your age as one of the car buying guide and full coverage car insurance factors. Most insurance companies charge higher insurance premiums for drivers younger than 25 years old for they consider these drivers to be inexperienced and are prone to accidents. But even if you reach an old age but have a poor driving history, you will still have to pay for higher rates. Poor driving history that is composed of tickets and accidents will be viewed by insurance companies as risks and justifiable for higher insurance premiums. The cost of your full coverage car insurance may also be determined with other factors such as your location and the type of your car’s engine - diesel engines or gas-powered engines. Diesel engines will usually cause a higher premium for their components replacement are more costly compared to those of gasoline-powered engines. If you are the type of person who runs things in order and in budget it is better for you to carefully consider the car you want to buy - you can also set this as your car buying guide. Full coverage may be heavy to one’s needs but it can protect you and your property better than any other auto insurance coverage. 

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  1. Getting a car insurance is extremely important. A car mishap can lead you to inconveniences, thousands of expenses and to court if you are not protected by car insurance.

  2. our car is going to expire this month,since we are moving to a new state and our present car insurance is too expensive ,hubby is looking for a new one, house and car insurance in one. we got quote from 2 insurance company so far.

  3. Planning to purchase a car of my own. Thanks for the tip

  4. How timely, I'm planning to buy a car for myself :) I'll keep this in mind.

  5. This is very concise and helpful. to owners like me, sometimes car insurances are tied up with the purchased car, and that somehow you weren't able to review anymore. At least now I know what to look for!

  6. This would totally be helpful once I already purchase my own car! :D

  7. Hubby's planning on buying me a small car and I am currently at a loss coz I don't even have the slightest idea what i want and how to go about buying one. So, thanks for these tips :)

  8. Very informative. I never thought of those factors when getting an insurance.

  9. car insurance is a must, never compensate your car and your safety...

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