Thursday, June 28, 2012

When Full Coverage Auto Insurance Actually Mean Less

Full Coverage auto insurance is much more of a promoting gimmick. The term ‘full’ is case-sensitive and differs with perspective. The actual ‘Full Coverage’ is no different than the typically accessed auto insurance. Insurance companies provide its buyers a wide range of insurance plans and also other sorts like full coverage auto insurance to personal customers.

Full coverage auto insurance provides a comprehensive coverage both to the driver and to the car. The main dish that this insurance serves is giving high protection to the insured protection from a huge financial risk in case of any accident. Here is a list of the terms included to full coverage auto insurance:

The collision insurance which covers the physical damage of the car and the cost of its repair. However some non-metallic components are not covered by the policy.
The medical insurance that covers for first aid and its expenditure.
The property damage insurance which covers against damage of non-auto properties since almost of the accidents includes either damage to the insured vehicle or to public property.
The liabilities insurance covers reimbursement of any lawyer fees and cost of compensation in case the other party in the accident presses charges against the insurance owner.

The working of a full coverage auto insurance policy is no different from the ordinary cheap car insurance policies for vehicles.  There are some important aspects that the insurance brokers and agents take into consideration while providing the policy and quoting the premium. These aspects include:

Age of the driver and the car. The rule of thumb is, older the driver the lesser the premium and older the car, more is the premium.
The speed and CC of the car do matter, as faster cars get into more number of accidents, which are damaging.
Driving lessons, charitable work and good grades, often get lesser premiums.
Full coverage auto insurance may be technically in character but financially not since the state minimum limits of $15,000/$30,000/$5000 would barely cover an injured person’s medical costs and damage to their auto. And unfortunately the reality is most people are under-insured.  Take a moment and call the 800 toll free number your current cheap car insurance agent, and complete a comprehensive review of your policy. Now, this may seem like doom and gloom—but actually you probably have the ability right now in your current policy to make subtle changes that will give you more coverage for about the same monthly premium.


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